Call for Nominations

Help shape your state specialty society by identifying and nominating potential candidates for 2 incoming councilor positions on the TOA Executive Council. Elections will be held during the Annual Business Meeting on May 1, 2020 in Fort Worth.
These nominations will be considered by the Nominating Committee, but are not required for nomination.
Submit your nomination by February 5. 
The slate of officers will be announced in early March. 
Click here for listing of current Executive Council


Candidate Qualifications
Only Regular Members of the TOA are eligible. 

To Nominate Candidates
Members in good standing of the TOA may nominate themselves or other members. Submit this online form or send and email to [email protected] by February 5.

Announcement of Nominations
The official slate of candidates, recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Executive Council, will be announced 60 days in advance of the Annual Business Meeting.

TOA Bylaws
ARTICLE II – Officers

Section 5. Candidates for election as Executive Officers, Association Councilors, and Councilors and Alternate Councilors to the American Academy of Ophthalmology shall be nominated by a nominating committee. This nominating committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President of the Association as its Chairman and the elected Association Councilors in their second year of service. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be submitted for approval to the Executive Council not less than 60 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Additional nominations for any elected office, except that of President, may be made from the floor of the assembly at the Annual Business Meeting. Election to office shall require a majority vote of those Regular and Provisional members present and voting at the Annual Business Meeting of the Association. Voting for the American Academy of Ophthalmology Councilors and Alternate Councilors shall be by voting Fellows and Members of the Academy only. If there is more than one candidate for any office, the vote on that office shall be by secret ballot.