Vaccinations for Ophthalmologists and Staff

COVID-19 vaccines are here but physicians without hospital affiliations such as many ophthalmologists and their office staff have not been included in the first tier of recipients. This is because the state offered no clarity on this population set; it has been left to local organizations to distribute vaccinations.

At this time, we do not have a clearinghouse of where community-based healthcare providers and staff can receive the vaccination, but there is tremendous effort behind bringing the COVID-19 vaccination to you and your staff as soon as possible and as supply allows. In a joint statement late last month, the Texas Hospital Association and Texas Medical Association called for all physicians, medical students, and residents to be included in the priority group for vaccines at this time.

Many county medical societies have stepped up and are coordinating with local pharmacies to offer vaccinations to community physicians and staff, but it is an ever-changing situation based on staffing and supplies.

For instance, Dallas CMS led the way with a partnership with Kroger and that effort has expanded via the North Texas Medical Society Coalition to include most of North Texas. Click here for updates.

Click here for DSHS vaccination distribution updates.

Click here to view an up-to-date map of facilities that have vaccinations. They will not accept walk-ins.

The bottom line: It is advised that you contact your local CMS, pharmacies, hospitals, health departments, freestanding ERs and other clinics to ask about opportunities to have your staff vaccinated. Be alert and receptive to short-notice opportunities. Advocate for your staff. Physicians who do have hospital affiliations should opt for a vaccination there to free up supplies for community physicians and staff.

TOA will update you as we hear more.